Nordic Metallurgy represent a number of furnace manufacturers and offers most different furnace types and heat treatment processes upon customer request. We offer equipment from some of the best and well known producers of atmosphere furnaces and vacuum furnaces. We also supply or act as intermidiary sales agency for second-hand furnaces.

Furnace equipment and heat treating processes

Nordic Metallurgy offer a large variety of furnaces and processes, for example:

–          Chamber furnaces and lines, with quenching in air, atmosphere, oil or salt.

–          Heating furnaces for forging

–          Continuous conveyor furnaces for hardening and tempering.

–          Continuous conveyor furnaces for brazing, annealing, sintering and solution quench.

–          Continuous conveyor furnaces for oxidation or reduction of oxides.

–          Roller hearth furnaces and lines for hardening, tempering, annealing and sintering.

–          Chain conveyor furnaces, walking beam furnaces, pusher furnaces and rotary hearth furnaces.

–          Horizontal and vertical vacuum plants.

–          Vacuum furnaces for low pressure carburizing and nitriding.

–          Nitriding furnaces and lines.

–          Pit & bell type furnaces and bogie hearth furnaces.

–          Chamber, drum, belt and pit washing machines.

–          Endothermic and exothermic generators, ammonia crackers, salt evaporators.