Low Pressure Nitriding Furnace for Gästrike Härdverkstad AB

Gästrike Härdverkstad is the first hardening shop in the Nordic countries choosing  Low Pressure Nitriding. The furnace was delivered by Nordic Metallurgy late 2008 and is now in full production. The furnace is a B54BN model and designed for the Low Pressure Nitriding process (nitriding/nitrocarburising). The furnace is also designed for tempering under vacuum. The B54RN has an effective max load weight of 600kg and max dimension 600 x 600 x 900 mm. Standard Low Pressure Nitriding furnaces are available up to 2000kg load weight.

One reason to why Gästrike Härdverkstad choose this process was that the nitriding takes place under low pressure/vacuum, which means superior reproduceability and a gas consumption just a fraction compared to ordinary conventional nitriding furnaces.
The design also enables much faster heating-up and cooling sequences connected to a substantially lower energy cost compared to conventional furnaces.

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