Nordic Metallurgy also offers spare parts for heat treatment furnaces, for example chains, fans, elements, muffle parts etc. We also have a wide set of spare parts especially for Ipsen furnaces.

Furnace chains for multipurpose chamber furnaces

The standard chain for Ipsen furnaces, globally approved and a highly heat resistant chain, mainly for use in carburising, carbonitriding and hardening work is made of dual material, RA333 / RA 310.

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PE Oxygen probes

Process-Electronic Oxygen Probes

Nordic Metallurgy offers oxygen probes manufactured by Process-Electronic GmbH. A number of different probe types are available for different kinds of atmospheres, and operating conditions. CS85/87 and CCS 2000 is characterized by high mechanical strength and excellent thermal shock resistance. A special mechanism rotates the sample cell, ensuring constant contact between the zirconia and the outer electrode. The design also means simplified maintenance with replaceable wear parts. These probes can also preferable be used for example in carburizing atmospheres where so-called stop-off paste is used. The QuicksilverTM probe is available in several versions and different lengths. It is characterized by high thermal shock resistance and a design that guarantees high functionality in atmospheres for carburizing, carbonitriding as well as in applications for endo-gas generators. All probes are supplied with 12 months warranty. After each renovation or update a test protocol after in-situ testing in a test furnace is supplied.

Process-Electronic also supplies other types of probes, atmosphere analyzing systems and control systems for the heat treating industry.

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Baskets, trays and fixtures

Nordic Metallurgy offers  baskets, trays and fixtures of heat resistant materials suitable for all types of heat treatment.

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Luiso - Stop off paints

Upon carburizing- or nitriding processes is it often a request for not to affect certain surfaces or areas of the part to be treated. To avoid such surfaces or areas to uptake carbon or nitrogen during the process, it is possible to apply a so-called stop of paint.

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Oil Cooler

Many oil coolers installed today in the hardening plants are often more than 20 – 30 years old. They often exhibit low cooling capacity and due to corrosion a substantial safety peril.

Toghether with Alfa Laval, Nordic Metallurgy has developed a cooling system which increaces the cooling capacity as well as eliminate the risk for getting water in the oil.

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Spare parts for vacuum- and atmosphere furnaces

Through cooperation with leading suppliers of spares Nordic Metallurgy can offer most spare parts needed for vacuum- and  atmosphere furnaces.

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