Furnace service and refurbishment

Nordic Metallurgy can offer:

  • Service programme for chamber furnaces of different manufacturers.
  • Service of carbon sensors in connection with performed maintenance.
  • Refurbishment of chamber furnaces, re-bricking and a complete checking of mechanical parts, electricity and the hydraulic/pneumatic systems.

After performed refurbishment or service we make the proper adjustment of the furnace atmosphere by means of gas analysis together with calibration of the carbon sensor. We also make temperature uniformity control and temperature level measurements.

Nordic Metallurgy also provides preventive and rectifying service and maintenance as well as complete renovations of vacuum furnaces of different makes.

Service of vacuumfurnaces

Service programs – periodically preventive service

Acute rectifying service

Tightness control – leak detection

Temperature control – temperature uniformity analysis

Vacuum calibration

Service of vacuum pumps – exchange pumps

Cleaning of cooling systems and mechanics, etc.

Relines and repairs

Complete renovation and reline of heating chamber incl. heating elements

Maintenance repairs of heating chambers, heating elements, cooling systems and heat exchanger, electrical and control systems.